News Article: 2016 Salix Cricket 26 Years in the making

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08 April 20162016 Salix Cricket 26 Years in the makingAuthor: Sam Walker

After 26 years the values of Salix remain rooted in their in-house processing which handles every cleft individually. Their aim is always to maximise the potential in every blade which is made possible by the unique principles of keeping every stage in Salix hands: the batmaking benchmark.

This 100% Salix manufacturing from cleft to blade, then blade to bat has enabled them to develop the flatter face whilst retaining the bow, which is believed to be essential in balance and performance. The more modern, flatter face offers enhanced power and an immediate gratification for the player. In conjunction with this, Salix have continued to develop the traditional rounder profile and their various press rollers and techniques have widened the range into eight very distinct models. The exquisite AJK, POD, SLX, RAW, TORQUE, SUPERNATURAL, PRAESTANTIA & WASP cricket bat profiles.

Unlike most bat manufacturers, Salix believe in the uniqueness of each cleft and in turn they discern the profile based on such. In search of perfection they expertly and individually blend all of the constituent parts for optimal performance. Even the handle’s degree of ellipse is deem influential to the batsmen’s experience of a particular profile, so they are uniquely shaped by hand to suit.

The exemplary finish they achieve is executed through their renowned expertise of a complex belt sanding process. A rare knowledge and craft that is crucial to the optimisation of weight, balance, core shape and pick-up of each bat they produce.

The allure of a Salix cricket bat is quite overwhelming to any bat lover and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of holding one in your hands you can’t deny the sheer artistry and potent beauty that these truly artisan products embody.

Salix Soft Leathers and equipment are now long established as specialist and market leading, having attracted many awards and accolades, especially for their batting pads and gloves. Their aim is always to offer the highest grade of materials and protection, but to concentrate foremost on fit and flexibility. The range reflects their approach to the bats: original design, artisan attention to detail and fit for superb performance.

The range all carries the ‘salix original’ emblem underlining that every piece has been designed entirely by Salix, from scratch, through extensive research, development and original design. They have worked hard to offer the best in soft leather protection and real value for money.

Salix Cricket Luggage remains one of the go-to ranges for the highest quality of cricket kitbags. Designed with the same quality and attention to detail as the bats and equipment; manufactured throughout in double weight 1200D woven polyester (instead of standard 600D). Ergonomic shapes and durable construction featuring the tri-pod 3 wheeled base and retractable handle in the 2 larger bags: One and Allkit bags. Padded double bat tunnels with external pockets incorporated to ensure bats get the best protection in transit. Heavy duty highlight piping holds the shape and strong main material straps (instead of webbing) for shoulder as well as hand held comfort; upgraded zips, brushed silver fittings and Salix embossed cross head rivets complete there expensive yet subtle finish.

Last but not least, Salix Bat Wax is linseed oil in a solid state which both seals and nourishes the wood in an easy and controlled application. The wax has been especially formulated for bats after years of seeing bats either insufficiently oiled, or drenched brown by an overzealous pouring. A must have item for anyone looking to prolong the life of their cherished cricket bat.


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