News Article: ASICS Gel 200 Not Out - The Ultimate All-Rounder Spike

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12 April 2013ASICS Gel 200 Not Out - The Ultimate All-Rounder SpikeAuthor: Sam Walker

Once again ASICS are leading the way in revolutionising cricket spikes with the introduction of their latest running shoe technologies into the New ‘Gel 200 Not Out’ cricket spike.

For the Spring/Summer 2013 season, ASICS launched a new dual midsole technology into their structured cushioned shoes that utilises two different densities of foam material enabling a shoe to be lighter and more flexible than a standard single midsole design.

They have also developed and incorporated a dynamic Duomax. If you are unfamiliar with ASICS technologies then Duomax is simply the name of a firmer foam material often coloured grey, which is built into the midsole of the shoe to support the arch of the foot. This is often referred to as a medial post and is a vital ingredient for support in any shoe to prevent ankle inversion strains, shin splints and many other lower leg injuries. However the new dynamic Duomax offers an extra element of flexibility which prevents the support from hindering comfort and performance, allowing the foot to transfer smoothly from heel to toe. The Gel 200 Not Out also includes copious amount of the ‘magic stuff’, aka ASICS Gel, the most effective footwear cushioning system available, in both the rear and forefoot of the shoe.

Like the Gel 180 Not Out before it, the Gel 200 Not Out is still an all-rounder cricket spike but has evolved into a sleeker and lighter version of its old self with no compromises or cut backs made. The 200 Not Out offers exceptional cushioning and support for the higher impacts of bowling and combines with a responsive and balanced feel that makes it great to bat in.

But it doesn’t stop there, ASICS have also incorporated the extremely popular heel cradle, an independent Personal Heel Fit (PHF) technology which has only previously been seen in the Gel Advance 4. The PHF heel cradle is a triple layered memory foam collar that hugs your ankles and works independently from the shoes upper to keep you with a permanently snug and frictionless fit. And if all that wasn’t enough ASICS have also increased the protection and durability of this spike by extending the robust PGuard, a protective material that surrounds the toe box, even further.

The 200 Not Out is truly the ultimate all-rounders shoe, it will support and protect you through every Over and provide you with a comfortable yet responsive balanced platform to bat and field in.


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