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07 August 2013ASICS Rugby Boots - Smarter Player Smarter Boot Smarter RugbyAuthor: Peter Board

ASICS continue to apply their meticulous approach for detail and innovation with their latest range of rugby boots. Combining cushioning with feather light performance, the modern rugby player is no longer forced to sacrifice one or the other in pursuit of the ideal boot.

A rugby player’s boot is arguably the most important piece of equipment in their bag and with such a diverse number of roles to be played in the game it is paramount that each individuals boot suits their particular style of play. For years the rugby boot was required to be protective, supportive, comfortable, and hardwearing in order to drag the player around a muddy field for eighty minutes of exhaustingly gritty rugby and as a result weight, speed and performance were regularly sacrificed. Now the game of rugby is changing and the modern player is required to be athletic, powerful, fast and with ample ball skills regardless of their position. This expansive transition in the game of rugby has seen players turn to a more lightweight construction in their boot which until now came at the cost of cushioning and support but with the ASICS rugby boots the modern player is no longer forced to compromise.

Alongside the incredible forces rugby players must endure the very nature of rugby also demands sharp accelerate and decelerate during play that contribute to the injury risks inherent to the game. For the latter ASICS have attempted to counter that risk by incorporating a HG10mm technology into their rugby boots. The HG10mm is simply a 10mm heel gradient built into the boot which is made of a lightweight Solyte Midsole material. By elevating the heel by just 10mm above that of the forefoot your body mass is forced forward and any strain across your hamstrings, calves and Achilles is reduced significantly. This relatively minor modification of the boots causes a realignment of your hips, legs and feet into a more bio-mechanically efficient sprinting and standing strength position. The vast majority of modern high mileage road running trainers utilize this same 10mm differential principal, so for ASICS the inclusion of HG10mm technology was the next step in the evolution of rugby boots.

Studies have shown that a player may encounter in the region of 300 impacts in a game and run between 5 - 8km. Despite this, many boots fail to provide the player with the cushioning required to prevent adrenaline sapping discomfort but with the Solyte Midsole built into the ASICS rugby boots this oversight is remedied, providing the player with much greater cushioning and shock absorption.

In short, the HG10mm heel gradient technology puts the player into a much more effective ready position, beneficially altering your muscles firing pattern so that you can explode in the scrum, power into rucks and glide past your opposite number.

The Boots:

ASICS Lethal Charge

The Charge offers the modern forward all the stability, comfort and traction that is required to succeed in the modern game of rugby. With 8 screw in metal studs and 4 smaller moulded studs this boot offers anchor like stability for grinding out yards in the scrum. Soft leather and Solyte Midsole material mean the boot is extremely comfortable yet much lighter than those using traditional cushioning making 80 minutes of grueling ball contention a much less arduous proposition. This boot is also a great option for players struggling to find a boot that is wide enough.

This boot is a great choice for any forward looking for traction, comfort and freedom around the field.


ASICS Lethal Warno 2

The Warno 2 is designed for those players who power the team from the engine room, the players who measure success not in tries scored but in yards gained and turnovers won. The Warno 2 has a 6 stud forefoot design which provides added traction when driving whilst simultaneously dispersing the load across the plantar surface of the boot to further prevent injury. Incredibly the boot remains lightweight and comfortable despite the added weight in the stud configuration. A removable sock liner made from EVA or SpEVA foam moulds to the shape of the foot to absorb shock and can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic

The Warno 2 is ideal for the modern forward, with flashes of lime green it is functional yet aesthetically pleasing and is uncompromised in terms of agility and weight.


ASICS Lethal Flash DS ST

The Flash DS ST is a lightweight boot specifically built for speed. The Solyte Midsole material reduces weight whilst maintaining its shock absorption properties meaning that this is a great boot for a player seeking speed and agility. The Flash shares its outsole with the star performing Tigreor which uses an injection PU plate with a 2-4 stud configuration that gives ample traction in soft terrain whether you are weight bearing on your heels or on your toes. Further comfort is achieved with the inclusion of Clutch Collar and Personal Heel Fit technologies. The Clutch Collar uses a dual layered heel system in the upper that is connected to the laces; this locks the player into the boot and reduces the potential for the heel slipping whilst the Personal Heel Fit moulds and customizes itself to each individual player’s heel shape creating a more comfortable fit.

Overall the Flash is a stylish, lightweight rugby boot with admirable cushioning that is perfect for the expressive player with bags of pace.


ASICS Lethal Tigreor 6 ST

The Tigreor 6 ST embodies ASICS culture for performance and speed innovation, it is lightweight, fast, adaptive and strives to reduce injury for the player. The Tigreor is the feature boot of the new ASICS rugby boot range and incorporates a variety of different materials and technologies to reduce weight, increase comfort and maximise support. Upper comfort, fit and performance has been achieved via the incorporation of an integrated lateral support sleeve that connects to a gusset tongue. A Solyte wedge under the rearfoot (HG10mm) places the foot into a more efficient position which results in both quicker transition into propulsion and also reduces strain on the muscles on the lower limb. The lateral support gives the player a much better overall fit which in turn gives a better feel for the ball making this an excellent boot for kickers too. Like the Flash DS ST the 4-2 stud configuration allows for increased agility and speed making side stepping and line breaks a breeze.

The Tigreor 6 ST is a superb boot for players of all varying positions as it offers the highest performance aspects of the ASICS speed boots with the necessary traction required to cope with the soft, muddy terrain that defines the sport of rugby. This really is a smarter rugby boot.





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