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15 November 2011Compressport Team Up with Barrington SportsAuthor: Tom Dolby

Compressport, the world’s leading sports compression specialist, have teamed up with Barrington Sports who will offer a full range of their technical products designed for runners, triathletes, hockey players, cricketers, rugby and netball players from the end of November 2011.

Designed by a team of doctors, physiotherapists and professional athletes, Compressport is produced in the EU by specialist medical compression manufacturers. Compression garments enhance performance, delay fatigue, lower the risk of injury and speed up recovery times. Based on fabrics and technology originally developed for medical compression products, they help to eliminate muscle and joint pain by supporting the muscles and reducing shock and vibrations. They also optimise heat exchange between the body and the air, helping to wick away moisture.

Compressport compression products are designed for all levels and abilities and are suitable for almost any sport. Their focus is on supporting people through training, competing and recovery. Some of their key products are outlined below:

- The Compressport R2 [Race and Recovery] was the number one calf guard worn at the Ironman World Championships in Kona 2010. The R2 calf guard boosts your venous return, reducing the accumulation of toxins while increasing oxygenation to the muscles. The reduction in lactic acid build-up coupled with its shock absorption properties protects you from muscular fatigue and damage.

- The Compressport US [Ultra Silicone] calf guard is uniquely enhanced through the integration of a layer of 220 silicon gel buds surrounding the interior of the guard above the ankle. This optimises shock-absorption, greatly reduces muscle oscillation and provides increased support to the Achilles tendon.

- The Compressport UR2 [Ultra Race and Recovery] enhances the calf guard design with micro-encapsulated textile technology. Millions of micro-capsules of organic essential oils, renowned for their soothing and myorelaxing properties, are embedded in the fabric and constantly release their active ingredients onto your legs.

The Compressport ForQuad thigh guard is the only compression product sized to your upper leg muscles, not your waist, enabling optimal compression levels to your quadriceps and hamstrings while also supporting the ITB. Wear the ForQuad under your running shorts. Unlike conventional compression shorts the ForQuad doesn’t cover the groin, so it doesn’t need to be machine washed after each use – it can be hand washed in the shower then worn again straight away for recovery.

- The Compressport F-Like Full Leg sleeve combines support for the two main compression areas – calves and thighs – into one product. The F-Like also optimises the knee position which is ideal for track, road, and trail running.The Compressport F-Like is sized to your leg muscles, not your waist, and our unique range of eight different sizes enables you to select the optimum compression for your legs. As with the ForQuad, the F-Like doesn’t cover the groin.

- Compressport 3D.DOT range low cut running sock - engineered and designed in 360 degrees, these new generation technical socks offer both extreme comfort and biomechanical advantage, aimed at optimised blood flow and performance during use. In addition to the core 3D.DOT features, the TRAIL sock offers specific protection of the malleolus.

- The Compressport Full Sock is designed for comfort and enhanced performance during use, optimising blood flow and stimulating venous return, which also makes it ideal for recovery and travel.



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