News Article: Crazy Catch Freestyle Rebound Net Makes Fielding Fun

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04 June 2013Crazy Catch Freestyle Rebound Net Makes Fielding FunAuthor: Sam Walker

Catches win matches! So there is no surprise that training aids such as Crazy Catch rebound nets have become increasingly popular at cricket clubs all across the country. With rebound nets the frustrations of poor feeding and the risk of injury to your teammates or coach holding the bat during fielding drills are removed. The large static rebound nets offer a large target that fires the ball back in your general direction with similar and often more force than the original throw. They provide a fun, safe and varied practice for those often quite tedious catching and fielding drills.

For this season Crazy Catch has taken it to the next level with a new unique lightweight, handheld version that is aptly named the Freestyle. This portable rebound net offers much more than its average static cousins. The simple act of holding one while your team mates launch balls at you makes it so much more fun. You can make catching and fielding drills as difficult or simple as you like by increasing the rebound speed with a slight push on the ball as it hits the net, or take it off with the opposite action. You can also change the direction of the rebound by angling the net whichever way you want, keeping your team mates on their toes and diving all over the field if you wish to.

For the coaches amongst us, the Crazy Catch Freestyle really is a must have item. It can be used indoors and out, with hard or soft balls and it increases your ability to return those wayward throws that can disruption to the flow of a drill. You can vary the difficulty depending of their ability levels and more importantly it will keep your students interested by simply bringing the fun element back into catching and fielding. With most age groups you would also be happy to let them create their own drills and games using the Freestyle to keep them even more engaged. However, Crazy Catch do warn that soft balls should but used with younger and lesser able players to reduce the risk of injury.

The Crazy Catch Freestyle rebound net offers everything you need to improve your teams catching, reactions and agility in the field and in doing so keeps your drills fun, safe and varied. The Freestyle rebound net is an affordable 45 pounds RRP, whereas the larger static Crazy Catch’s such as the Double Trouble Professional and the Professional Classic are more of a club investment, priced at 205 RRP.

To see it in action and get coaching ideas check out Crazy Catch videos on YouTube. If you would like to try it yourself visit us at Barrington Sports or view it online now with a 360 degree view


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