News Article: Grays launch their 2nd Generation Nano Technology and New Macro Head for 2012

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19 October 2012Grays launch their 2nd Generation Nano Technology and New Macro Head for 2012Author: Sam Walker

Grays have continued to develop their Nano technology for 2012 with the introduction of a larger cross weave patter in the Nano9, 7 and 5. Nano carbon tubes are one of the strongest materials known to man and Grays have optimised on this property to strengthen their hockey sticks. The process involves blending the Nano tubes into a resin that holds the carbon fibres and fibreglass together. The Nano tubes not only strengthen the resin matrix itself but also strengthen the bonds between the fibres. The result is an extremely strong and stiff hockey stick for maximum power, but also offering great control when combined with the IFA (Improved feel area) and ERH (Energy reduction handle) technologies which is now seen throughout the Grays 2012 range. 

In the New Nano 10, there is also an additional Basalt compound added to the carbon and fibreglass matrix to absorbed energy and enhance response and control. Grays have is the introduction of the Micro Head, alongside the standard Maxi head and recently returned Hook head options, the Micro head will now be available in the GX7000 and GX6000 models. The Micro head has the same ideal thickness for hitting combined with a thin toe profile ideal for lifting the ball and 3D one handed skills. The new GX Grays series also offers a carbon and aramid braided composition for exceptional power and twin beam technology in the Turbo Torque for exceptional core stability. All Models now feature the Carbon-X heel and protection zone.

Grays Hockey Stick Profiles



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