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19 October 2012Kookaburra Obscene Low Bow Profile Hockey SticksAuthor: Sam Walker

Lower than the L Bow Extreme, Kookaburra introduce the new L Bow Obscene

The new hockey stick profile from Kookaburra is pushing the boundaries with their new aptly named ‘Obscene’ low bow. The bow begins sharply by 23mm when only 100mm from the stick head then continues the bow to a staggering depth of 24.5mm just 200mm from the stick head. This creates an extremely low and profoundly deep bow profile that is perfect for the drag flick and skill execution. The L Bow Obscene is a legal mould and fully compliant with the FIH specification.

To put the ‘Obsene’ profile into perspective, the previous crown of Kookaburras low bow mould was held by the ‘Low Bow Extreme’. The Extreme has a similarly extreme depth to the bow at 24.5mm, however the gradual curvature peaks the bow at 220mm from the stick head making this look relatively tame when compared to the Obscene’s sharp and aggressive bow shape. For a more traditional low bow profile Kookaburra still offer the ‘L-bow’ which has a 21.5 mm depth, peaking at 250mm from the stick head.

For 2012 the L-bow Obscene profile is available in the Addict and Freak compositions. The Addict is not for the faint hearted, it consists of 95% carbon fibre making it one of the most powerful stick available with Anti Tremor Technology (ATT) in the handle and Soft feel Resin (SFR) shock reduction technologies to tame the beast, alongside a textured control (KCF) stick face for an improved feel and refined agility. The Freak is the younger brother of the Addict with similarly aggressive rogue features. The Freak offers a high carbon content of 80%, a Euro Maxi head, pro grip and SFM to produce a freakishly powerful hockey stick.


The L-Bow Extreme profile for 2012 will be available in the Phoenix and Stinger compositions. The Phoenix has a similar construction to that of the Addict plus the added benefits of Kookaburras concave face ‘Skill Zone’ for increased control, the Counter Vibration Technology (CVT) to further reduce vibrations and the Multi-direction braided carbon (KMD) for maximum power and exquisite control.


For 2012 the L-Bow will be available in the Ultralite Oxide, the Asylum and the Viper compositions. The Ultralite Oxide is produced using a new Kookaburra method that produces a stick up to 4oz lighter than a conventionally manufactured stick but with the design and durability of a heavy weight performance. The lighter stick allows you to generate greater stick speed, and combined with the 95% carbon strength and a textured control face the Ultralite Oxide is both powerful and fantastic for close control.


The ‘i-bow’ profile is often overshadowed by the aggressive low bow profiles, sitting between them and the mid bow mould. However, the i-bow offers the best of both worlds, producing a stick with fantastic dexterity, balance and power. The i-bow comes in a range of compositions from the 95% carbon and popular Vendetta, gradually declining through the Vortex at 85%, Venom with 75% to the Vapour with a 65% carbon construction. All i-bow sticks offer a Euro Maxi head, Pro Feel Grip and Soft Feel Resin for shock reduction.

Finally Kookaburra offer the M-bow profile, which is a more conventional and relatively flat stick mould with the bow taking a gradual curve to 24.5 mm at 380mm from the stick head. This shape gives great control whilst assisting in the full blooded ‘strike’. The Mid bow profile also offers the most extensive range of composition options of all the Kookaburra moulds, with the elegant and sophisticated Midas, the fiercely dynamic Dragon and the efficient Ultralite Gravity but to name a few.




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