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30 January 2014Maxifuel - Focus, Energy and RecoveryAuthor: Peter Board

Maxifuel - Focus, Energy and Recovery

Athletes of all standards, across all sports, share a common set of characteristics which compel us to compete, drive us to improve and push us to our physical limits. Whilst the physical demands of our chosen sporting disciplines can vary widely, the importance of sports nutrition is a constant and is instrumental in ensuring that we perform, whether it is competitively or in training, at the peak of our endurance. Rugby requires its players to exert bursts of explosive power, Hockey players must be agile and lightning fast, Cricketers must exercise a steely focus and Runners require a solid mental toughness. Maxifuel equips all athletes with the nutritional tools to optimally execute the specific demands of their sporting disciplines.

Maxifuel was born in 2010 when the company Maximuscle changed its name to Maxinutrition and sub branded into 4 categories; Maximuscle, Maxitone, Maxiraw and Maxifuel. Originally developed to recognise the growing demands of endurance athletes, Maxifuel products contain a unique blend of carbohydrate and protein that aids athletes Pre, During and Post workout to ensure effective hydration and recovery. From fuelling a fiercely intense hockey match to finding the extra 10% on an energy draining run, the Maxifuel range is key to helping both Men and Women compete, train and perform at their best.

Traditionally sports nutrition has weighed heavily on the need to be well fuelled with carbohydrates prior to exercise. Whilst this is still a must on the agenda and a key factor in beginning a workout with optimal energy levels, the emphasis of sports nutrition has now shifted to the importance of maintaining high levels of energy throughout an athlete’s workout and refuelling their muscles post workout in order to boost recovery in preparation for the next session. Ordinarily, the varying constraints of where sporting activities are conducted have made it difficult to fuel the body during and after exercise. Finding a source of energy on the side of a mountain or a source of protein directly after a competitive match can be difficult, but thanks to the convenience of Maxifuel products in the form of bars, powders and gels, sports nutrition post and during exercise need no longer be neglected.

The Products

There are 3 sports nutrition systems in the Maxifuel range; Focus, Energy and Recovery.

Focus System:

By boosting mental and physical energy, the Focus system sharpens your body and mind by combining stimulants such as Caffeine, Guarana and Taurine with energising fast and slow release Maxcarb carbohydrates. The Focus range is delivered in the form of stimulating boost bars, gels and powder to be used before or during training and events to lift you into the zone so that you can explode into action.

Energy System:

The Energy system is specifically designed to help you perform better during your active training. The Energy products use a scientifically formulated blend of Maxcarb maltodextrin and dextrose combined with high performance electrolytes and branched chain amino acids to give you extra energy and endurance, with increased hydration. Combating fatigue by increasing levels of energy, the Energy System helps you operate at peak performance during high intensity training.

Recovery System:

Energy products have been present in sport for some time now but the concept of re-fuelling post workout is not as widely recognised. The specially formulated blend of fast acting Biomax whey protein, Maxcarb Carbohydrates, Glutamax, amino acids and key nutrients help you to repair muscle faster and restore energy after a workout. The process of training and improving requires muscle fibres to be broken down through exercise. As the body’s natural processes repair the fibres the muscles grow stronger. Muscle repair therefore is not related to injury but is instead the repair of broken down muscle fibre. Maxifuel recovery aids this process by giving you immune support between events, restoring muscles and reducing stiffness helping you feel ache free day after day.


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