News Article: New 2014 Bradbury Cricket Bat Collection - Exclusive to Barrington Sports

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03 April 2014New 2014 Bradbury Cricket Bat Collection - Exclusive to Barrington SportsAuthor: Peter Board


Being crafted from natural materials means that the quality of a cricket bat is very much dependent on the attention it is given during production. Different clefts must be crafted to the demands of that particular piece of wood in order to maximise its performance. So having seen the exquisitely fashioned 2014 Bradbury range, exclusive this year to Barrington Sports, the staff were understandably excited to learn that Paul Bradbury would be flying in from Perth to educate them on the latest range.

Paul Bradbury talks about the new range of bats with the utmost modesty and it’s no wonder with a selection of cricket bats that so easily sell themselves. Paul talks of how he and Sally Bradbury “fell into bat making” but as distinguished cricketers themselves their combined experience was well placed to start their company. Founded in 1993 from Launceston, Tasmania, Paul and Sally handcrafted top quality bats, destined for top flight cricketers, using mostly antique tools such as the block plane, draw knife and spoke shave. After two years in Tasmania the Bradbury’s returned to Western Australia where they expanded to a more convenient workshop and invested in machinery allowing them to produce more bats. By using machinery to craft the basic shapes, greater attention could be given to carefully honing the bats performance using traditional techniques including the rather unusual practice of polishing the bats with a horse’s shinbone. In 2001, along with their three young children, the Bradburys moved to Somerset, England, and for 6 years they frequented between Somerset and Perth servicing both cricketing seasons in 6 month spells. Now living back in Perth, Paul and Sally are as dedicated as ever to sourcing the very best English Willow and from that then meticulously crafting the very best cricket bats. Testament to the quality of the willow can be seen in the great volume of feather light weights in the range, lightness that is only achievable from the highest quality clefts of willow.

The Range:

Locus Specialist:

This exciting new shape from Bradbury has a more gradual pressing to enhance the performance of the willow. A lowered middle and exaggerated swell make this a powerful bat ideal for English conditions. Made from Bradbury’s highest quality clefts portioned off specifically for the Locus Specialist, this bat maintains a beautifully light pickup despite its lower positioned middle.


A powerful combination of big edges and high profile, nicely balanced to suit flamboyant shot play as well as powerful drives. Similar in style to the Locus with slightly more wood shaved away to create an equally nice pickup.


The Sovereign is another impressive new shape that boasts enormous swell and volume of willow with a higher middle to counter act the weight and maintain a balanced pickup. This is a great bat for the big hitting player who likes to explode off the back foot.


The Orion is concaved in its spine to allow players to generate a greater bat speed. Still offering plenty of power the Orion is ideal for the younger players whose height dictates a Short Handle bat with a wide shot versatility.


"Paul Bradbury helps a Barrington Sports customer decide between the Locus and the Classic during preparation for the Big Bash cricket event"



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