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21 January 2014New 2014 Gunn and Moore Cricket Bat CollectionAuthor: Peter Board


GM was founded in 1885 by the English Test Batsman William Gunn and a local businessman Thomas Moore. They situated their factory by the River Trent in Nottingham and set out to produce the finest of English Willow cricket bats. Now their highly acclaimed bats are world renowned and endorsed by the likes of England cricketers Joe Root and Graeme Swann as well as the South African Captain Graeme Smith and Aussie all-rounder Shane Watson but to name a few.

However from their historic roots, GM has moved with the times and today their factory is said to be the most technologically advanced cricket bat factory in the world. As a result they employ Computer aided design and manufacturing processes that not only rival but lead hand crafted techniques to produce superior wood conditioning, blade craft, improved stability, consistency of willow pre-production and a huge increase of bat options.

This advanced manufacturing combined with research and development has resulted in GM producing a comparatively vast cricket bat range that not only offer differentiation of weight, willow grade and bow shape, but also on the positioning of the sweet spot and the shape of the face.

This variation of options is the keys to finding the right bat for you. Whether you are a technically distinguished opener looking for a lightweight option with exceptional power to weight ration or an assertive middle order batsman looking for a powerful exaggerated sweet spot, the GM collection has a bat for you.

Bat Faces Options:

The three bat face options that GM now offer sit on a spectrum from the more traditionally convex F7 to the more modern flat F2, with the unique F4.5 that sits between the two. ‘F’ simply stands for Face and the Number illustrates the curve of the face in millimetres.

F7: Available in the ICON and ARGON the F7 is GM’s proven bat face design. A lightweight option with concentrated power that gives the batsman the greatest power to weight ratio and an excellent pick up.

F4.5: The brand new F4.5 is available in the ICON and SIX6. A confidence inspiring Big Bat design with a flatter face than the F7 and with slightly bigger edges that results in a larger sweet spot, yet still retaining the light pick up akin to an F7.

F2: The F2 is the flattest face design with the biggest edges. Available in the ICON, ZONA, ARGON, OCTANE and PURIST this is the most popular shape that gives the batsman enhanced shot choice and huge power potential with the larger sweet spots.

Sweet Spot Position

The highest Sweet Spot position in the GM bat range is the ICON. This bat is ideal for the cricketer who plays off the back foot looking for a reasonably big middle swell but a lightweight pick up. The high sweet spot allows for the lightest of pick ups which means the batsman’s hands are up and ready quicker giving them more time to adjust to the shorter pitched deliveries.

Sat below the ICON in terms of swell position is the ZONA, a specific bat for the player who loves a lightweight pick up like the ICON but is looking for something more powerful, more overstated and more outlandish. An enormous middle concentrated high up the bat face certainly means the ZONA looks unconventional but it is surprisingly well balanced and, timed well, the ZONA generates enormous power.

At the other end of the spectrum sits the OCTANE. With a big powerful middle positioned low down on the bats face, the OCTANE is a prerequisite for powerful stroke makers looking to inject their own pace into the ball.

If you are looking for slightly more forgiveness the ARGON sits just slightly higher than the OCTANE in terms of its sweet spot position, but is crafted with a much more extended middle. The less pronounced swell in the bat gives the batsman a greater range of freedom to play shots off more of the bats face.

Next up from the ARGON is the PURIST. A returning profile with an even less pronounced sweet spot the purist is very much a shot makers bat. Its lightweight pick up is surprising given that the swell position is still low down giving the batsman a quick pick up for back foot shots but the low down power to execute full pitched drives.

Finally, sat in the middle of the range is the new SIX6 F4.5. Sported by Joe Root of England the SIX6 is a confidence inspiring big bat with a great balance, a forgivingly extended sweet spot and is an ideal bat for an all-round stroke play.

The 2014 Range:



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