News Article: New Gray-Nicolls Maverick Cricket Bat Range

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21 February 2013New Gray-Nicolls Maverick Cricket Bat RangeAuthor: Sam Walker

Are you a Maverick?

Gray-nicolls have been making cricket bats since time began and for good reason they are one of the world renowned bat making companies. They claim that their bats are ‘where tradition meets innovation’ and few would dispute that, but for 2013 they have produced the aptly named Maverick Cricket bat range that may just break the mould.

The game we all love is changing before our eyes, becoming faster, shorter and far more varied in almost every way. The thrill of a 6 has now become common place, especially on the international stage, but thankfully as players that feeling refuses to mellow. There are few finer moments than when you connect, that sound confirms your timing and your team mates go wild. Not forgetting the sheepish look from that bowler who’s been sledging you as he wanders back to his mark.

Gray-Nicolls aim was to create a bat that could keep you smashing the ball over the rope time and time again with the new Maverick cricket bat profile. The deep continuous bow, huge edges and staggering bulk with a mid-bow sweat spot makes it clear to see that the Maverick is a bat for the big hitters. The Maverick cricket bat profile comes in all grades of wood in the short handle size and goes down to a size 5 in their mid-grade wood option known as the Maverick Carbo. Senior prices of the Maverick vary from the Maverick 4 Star at £175 RRP to the Maverick LE at £400 RRP.

At Barrington Sports we like to put the products to the test, so we tried the Maverick out against other Gray-Nicolls profiles and competitor brands to see if such a bat could really help you to score those maximums.

The first thing you notice when batting with a Maverick is the continuous and severe bow that makes going aerial almost too easy. Poor timing seemed almost insignificant when wielding one of these bats as the sheer amount of wood built into it gave a frightening return from all over the bat face. However in contrast to the manufacturer’s claims, an equally noticeable feature of the Maverick is its weighty pick up. As most will appreciate the additional weight in a bat can be as helpful as it is a hindrance depending on the conditions and how you like to score your runs. If you are the wristy nurdler who likes to play it late and more often than not on the back foot, then the Maverick is not the bat for you. Whereas if you prefer the front foot shots and have a tendency to put anything full back over the bowlers head. Or you are simply a powerfully hitter looking for a bat that could aid you dominate any bowling attach, then you are a Maverick!








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