News Article: The New 2016 Season Cricket Bat Range from Bradbury

News Article

20 April 2016The New 2016 Season Cricket Bat Range from BradburyAuthor: Sam Walker

Husband and wife duo Paul & Sally Bradbury, have come a long way from their humble beginnings in Tasmania back in 1993 to their present status as some the leading hand-made bat manufacturers in the world. Their unique bat making techniques and philosophies, along with their overwhelming dedication to their craft, has kept them at the forefront of the industry and of ever growing popularity.

They do not hide the fact that no one bat is identical to the next but instead embrace the uniqueness of each cleft to enhance its strengths.

The 2016 Bradbury range is a true representation of their pod-shaving expertise and love for what they do. The individual treatment of each cleft determining its own profile, pressing and sanding processes to produce optimal performance, is clear to see and feel when wielding any Bradbury bat. The models graphics are of subtle designs but their bats are anything but, offering bold options in a range that caters to all playing styles and conditions.

Majestic & Sovereign – High Middle Position

If you tend to play on hard bouncy wickets and/or have a propensity to play off the back-foot then the Majestic and Sovereign bat models are good places to start. Both bat profiles have relatively high positioned sweet-spots with fantastic balance, but that is where the similarities end.

The Majestic’s profile with its continuous bow, minimal concaving and generous tapered edges is one suited to a touch player that uses their timing and technique to accumulate runs. Whereas the Sovereign offers more opportunity for flamboyant displays of power, boasting a huge swell, high spine and sculpted back.

Virtute – Mid Level Sweet Spot

The Swiss army knife of the 2016 Bradbury range comes under the name Virtute. Designed to be the most versatile profile with a significant low bow, big edges and large mid-positioned sweet spot. The Virtute can be the aggressor or the accumulator, lending itself to 360 degree shot play with its feather light pick-up. If you’ve used and loved the likes of the Bradbury Orion, Forte or Sterling cricket bat models from previous seasons, then this is profile for you.

Classic & Professional – Low Middle Position

If you play consistently on low bouncing wickets or have a strong tendency to play off the front-foot then look to the lower middled bats in the range. Designed to suit typical English conditions the Classic and Professional profiles have historically been the most popular at Barrington Sports. Both have relatively traditional shapes with minimal concaving, big edges and large meaty swells for maximum power. The Professional replaces the highly sort after ‘Locus Specialist’ from last year and has a slightly lower middle out of the two. Whereas the Classic is shaped a little more with a higher spine, so it has a slightly lighter pick-up over the bludgeoning potential of the Professional, but both offer exceptional driving power. Their oval handles and continuous bow make them feel much lighter than what they are, so don’t be deterred by their intimidatingly bulky appearance. They are exquisite bats to wield and can dominate any bowling attack, most likely with a flat sixes straight back over their heads!



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