News Article: ASICS Inner Muscle - Unleash the Power Within

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09 July 2009ASICS Inner Muscle - Unleash the Power WithinAuthor: Neil Brown

Inner Muscle is the latest in a long line of ground breaking and innovative apparel technologies from ASICS. These technical training garments are designed to be worn as a first layer, and incorporate technology to specifically focus on the body’s inner muscle and core stability functions. The result is stronger, faster and more efficient movement. 

How does it work?

Outer muscles can be easily developed and trained through traditional weight training and exercise. The body’s inner muscles, however, are hidden deep within the muscular-skeletal system and have the crucial role of stabilising the joints between the upper and lower body. These muscles are far more difficult to train and develop but are just as important as the outer muscles as they are in charge of the core stability of the body.

Well-trained, inner muscles provide support of the spine and the shoulders, they improve core stability, posture and leg balance and will therefore result in smoother, stronger body movements that will in turn increase athletic performance.

The Garments

The ASICS InnerMuscle top stabilises scapula movement, provides higher upper arm lift and, due to improved posture, sees an average of 5% increase in recorded breathing volume and oxygen intake efficiency.The tops have a diamond shaped panel built into the upper back. This panel is made of a tighter two-layer system and pulls the shoulder blades subtly together, straightening the spine and enhancing posture.

The ASICS InnerMuscle tight improves spine shape, lengthen stride, increase ease of movement and effectively train the Psoas Magnus muscle. Located deep within the intricate muscular-skeletal system, the Psoas Magnus is the key linking muscle between the lower and upper body.

The tight has an ‘H’ shaped panel located on the rear pelvic area at the points where the skin naturally stretches the most during exercise. This tighter area is continuously training the inner muscles of the lower body during exercise, contributing to greater joint stability and increased efficiency in movement of the lower limbs.



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