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07 October 2009NEW Under Armour RECHARGE RangeAuthor: Nils Muchardt

Under Armour Recharge

UA RECHARGE is the newest addition to the Under Armour range of baselayer garments. It is a compression garment designed to aid recovery after exercise.




How is RECHARGE™ different than other UA compression products:

Under Armour uses “Strategic Compression” as the engineering platform for all compression products. That means they're tweaking fabrics, garment construction degree and placement of compression strategically … with the end purpose of the garment in mind.

If it’s compression for gameday, it’s built one way. If it’s a women’s training piece versus a men’s training piece, they’re built differently, strategically. A single type of compression doesn’t answer every athlete’s needs.

With RECHARGE™, the end purpose is fixing damage, helping an athlete get back to full strength faster after experiencing muscle distress. So that’s what they built it for.

For best results:

• Wear RECHARGE™ top & bottom together for 24 hours.

• Wear RECHARGE™ Compression within 2 hours post-game or postworkout.

The RECHARGE products have been tested on male and female athletes who trained in conditions equal to or surpassing the severity of an NCAA-level football game.

Under Armour invented the performance apparel category with the innovation of compression for athletes changing the way athletes dress.

Today UA are researching, developing and testing the world’s most advanced concepts in Compression Innovation to date and continue to evolve compression. Under Armour RECHARGE™ … the next step in that evolution.

How RECHARGE™ make you a better athlete:


Designed to target muscles to reduce swelling and decrease

soreness time.


Aligns and stabilizes muscles so they can repair themselves better.


Re-energizes your body for the next game or workout.



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