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OBO equipment is designed and produced by a company which does nothing else than make hockey gear for goalies. If we don't get it right, we don't make a living so we think hard, test hard, and work hard to bring you gear that really works. OBO is the world market leader. We have achieved this by producing products that really work, last, and because we produce products other manufacturers are not capable of making. We involve goalkeepers in several countries to provide ideas on gear, and to test ideas as we develop equipment. Because goal keepers do the development work, our products are based on real need, and sound testing. We also use professional product designers to put the finishing touches to our products, so they not only work well, but look great as well. Having looked carefully at modern playing trends, new rules, and what players need we have found that the goalkeepers need to be very mobile. Goalkeepers need to be agile, and as versatile as possible. In fact, the best goalkeepers will almost become an extra defender.

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30/01/2014Maxifuel - Focus, Energy and RecoveryMaxifuel - Focus, Energy and Recovery Athletes of all standards, across all sports, share a common set of characteristics which compel us to compete, drive us to improve and push us to our physical limits. Whilst the physical demands of our chosen sporting disciplines can vary widely, the importance of sports nutrition is a constant and is instrumental in ensuring that we perform, whether it is competitively or in training, at...Read moreRead all OBO news

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