OBO Robo Hi Control Essentials Hockey Goalkeeping Kit

OBO Robo Hi Control Essentials Hockey Goalkeeping Kit

Item Code: H13OB040
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The OBO Robo range is designed specifically to meet the playing and protective requirements of top level international goal keepers, aged 14+, who need maximum protection, comfort, durability and fast rebounds. The Robo range protection is appropriate for National League and International level.

The OBO Robo Hi Control Essentials Hockey Goalkeeping Kit combines all the essential elements from the Robo Hi Control range into one easy bundle at a discounted price. The kit includes legguards, kickers, hand protectors, body armour, abdo guard, shorts, bag and throat guard.

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OBO Robo Hi Control Hockey Goalkeeping LegguardsHi-Control foams provide the ulitmate close control. The right leg is designed to allow easy body movement and controlled sliding without any twisting. The left leg is wider and is angled differently to maximise width while minimising the chance of a ball skidding past the outside edge of the legguard and...


OBO Robo Hi Control Hockey Goalkeeping KickersThe Hi Control kickers have lower rebound than the Hi Rebound, but increased control and increased protection, and will last longer. The kicker also has a double layer of high density polyethylene foam bonded into the middle of the kicker. While this extra layer of foam adds some extra weight, the...


OBO Robo Hi Control Left Hockey Goalkeeping Hand ProtectorRobo hand protectors are made from closed cell foam for maximum protection, but minimum weight for quicker movements towards the ball. The patterned face on the Hi-Control left hand provides greater ball control. The glove has a flat profile with squarer edges, but is still slightly shaped to help direct the...


OBO Robo Hi Control Right Hockey Goalkeeping Hand ProtectorRobo hand protectors are made from closed cell foam for maximum protection, but minimum weight for quicker movement towards the ball. The Hi-Control Right Hand allows greater mobility both with the stick in a fixed position, and when sliding the stick out for extra reach. The profile of the right hand...


OBO Robo Hockey Goalkeeping Chest GuardThe Robo Body Armour features 17 individual components, and a unique 2 section design. The lower section closely wraps the chest ribs, while the upper section floats over it protecting the clavicles and shoulders. The upper section of the body armour closely follows the body movement of the...
X Large£142.65


OBO Robo Hockey Goalkeeping Arm GuardsThe Robo Body Armour Arm guards sit below and under the shoulder pad of the Chest piece. Coverage is complete whilst still allowing for full arm movement. The Arm Guards feature Dual density bicep and forearm protection with a large comfortable elbow guard. It has elasticised Velcro straps which hold...
X Large£79.65
OBO Robo Hockey Goalkeeping Elbow GuardsThe Robo elbow guard is lightweight and flexible and partners with any existing chest and shoulder protector. It really protects those easily damaged elbow bones, ligaments and muscles. Better still, while each elbow guard is marked left and right they can be reversed and used on the opposite arm so...


OBO Robo Jewel Case Hockey Goalkeeping Pelvic Guardhe Robo female pelvic guard provides protection for the pelvic bone as well the digestive and reproductive organs that lie just above this region. It is constructed with double pelvic protector and is adjusted for best fit by a velcro waistband and side...
OBO Robo Tackle Box Hockey Goalkeeping Groin GuardExcellent protection is provided by the use of a double cup and high density closed cell foam above this region. Comfort and best fit can be achieved by an adjustable velcro waistband and side straps. Altogether providing the necessary comfort and protection for male goal...


OBO Robo Hockey Goalkeeping Bored ShortsProtection, flexibility all in one durable unit. Soft and comfortable waistband, with velcro adjustment. An outer shell made of Heavy Duty Knit Polyester Protective Hip pads and slide Panel Adjustable straps on the leg of the shorts to help keep the shorts close to the leg and reduce unnecessary movement....


OBO Basic Hockey Goalkeeping Wheelie BagBesides its fresh new look, the wheelie bag has some great features: top handles for ease of getting it in and out of the car, telescopic drag handle and ball bearing wheels. It also features a vented pocket for smelly stuff. Dimensions:...


OBO Robo Hockey Goalkeeping Throat GuardThe throat protector is made from a polyester outer and a soft open cell foam inner, with a strip of high density polyethylene plastic protecting the Adams apple. It wraps around the throat and is secured by a velcro fastening to ensure that the throat is always...

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Size Head Circumference (around head above ears)
(cm) (inches)
Small 52-57 20.5-22.5
Medium 54-62 22.5-25.5
Large 62+ 25.5+

Body Armour

Size Arm Length (Shoulder to finger tip)
(cm) (inches)
Small 62-70 24.5-27.5
Medium 70-80 27.5-31
Large 80+ 31.5+

Groin / Pelvic Guards

Size Waist
(cm) (inches)
Small 65-76 26-30
Medium 76-86 30-34
Large 86-96 34-38

ROBO & Cloud Hotpants

Size Height Waist
(cm) (ft'in) (cm) (inches)
Small 140-160 4'7-5'3 65-100 26-40
Medium 160-190 5'3-6'3 65-100 26-40
Large 190-210 6'3-6'11 75-130 30-51
X Large 190-210 6'3-6'11 96-160 38-63

Other Shorts / Hotpants

Size Waist
(cm) (inches)
X Small 60-65 24-26
Small 65-76 26-30
Medium 76-86 30-34
Large 86-96 34-38
X Large 96-106 38-42


Size Shoe Size
UK US (men) US (Women) Europe
Small 3-5.5 4-6.5 5.5-8 35.5-38.5
Medium 5.5-8.5 6.5-9.5 8-11 38.5-41.5
Large 8.5-12 9.5-13 11-14 41.5-46


Size Height
(cm) (inches)
Small 160-165 4"11"-5"4"
Medium 157-173 5"2"-5"8"
Large 173+ 5"8"+
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