Masuri Cricket Helmets

Masuri's 2018 Cricket Helmet Range looks stronger than ever. Building on the success of the Vision Series and Stemguard protection of recent seasons, Masuri has also brought back the Original Series MKII, combining the lightness of the single shell old style helmet with added protection from more recent technology updates. The perfect array of options to keep your head protected this season.

A cricket helmet needs to boast contrasting facets from being comfortable and ventilated to supremely safe for the entire head and neck region and the riskier approach to batting, as seen in the professional game, has given manufacturers an ongoing challenge.

Masuri’s response has been to conjure up their own set of unique features such as the patented Eye-Line Grille - an extra safety bar on their helmet grilles that deflects ball is deflected towards the helmet’s peak without adversely affecting range of vision

They also brought out the Masuri StemGuard; a clip-on attachment that protects the back of the head and neck (without compromising movement); it’s an area which can be vulnerable when a batsman instinctively reacts and turns the head away from the ball.

Partnering with the international cricket boards of West Indies, Scotland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand illustrates the trust Masuri’s helmets has engendered in professional cricket and they remain a market-leading cricket helmet manufacturer

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