Asics Netball Shoes and Trainers

Blending many mid sole and upper technologies from running with netball specific adjustments for stability and pivoting, Asics continue to lead the way in netball shoes. The Super 7, Pro 13, Netburner 18 and Academy 7 and Pivot 10 netball shoes provide options for everybody whether goal attack or goal defence.

The demands of Netball are unique, involving actions such as pivoting and jumping that are not present in other sports. This means that the demands on your footwear are also unique. ASICS have been at the forefront of sports footwear development for the last fifty years, and more recently in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sports have focused their efforts on Netball.

Based on biomechanical research of elite netball players, ASICS have produced an exceptional range of netball specific shoes that are also position specific. When studying these elite Netball players, ASICS determined that the greater the restriction is on the positions playing area the higher the frequency for lateral movement and propensity for vertical jumping.

ASICS noticed that these broadly fell into 3 forms, the positions that required high lateral support such as Goal Shooters, moderate support for the partially restricted positions such as the Wing Attacks and low support for the least restricted positions such as the Centres. They also developed unique cushioning systems so that the shock absorbing GEL is positioned differently in each shoe to coincide with the impact points of that position.

For example in the Netburner 18 shoe that is designed for Goal Shooters/Keepers the GEL is centralised for vertical jumping and the higher density Duomax midsole material cradles the foot arch, while the wider foot bed supports it through lateral movement. Whereas in the Netburner Professional a shoe designed for Centres, the GEL is situated towards the outside of the midsole as the position requires more running and horizontal jumping. However, the Netburner Super is the most versatile shoe of them all, sitting in the middle with regards to lateral support but offering exceptional levels of cushioning. This versatility alongside its reputable comfort has attracted players of all positions and has made the Super the most popular netball shoe in the market.

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