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19 October 2012Adidas Hockey Stick Buyers GuideAuthor: Sam Walker

For 2012 Adidas have re-launched their extremely popular hockey stick range with a great new colour pallet. But for those who are unfamiliar with the collection, we have put together a simple buyer’s guide to bring you up to speed.

The Shape

Firstly Adidas has 5 different moulds, each mould producing a different profile that can vary the length, width and curve/bow of the hockey stick. The profile of the stick is a key feature of how the stick plays and feels.

Mould one for Adidas is the XXtreme24 (TX24), which has an extremely low 24mm bow positioned toward the head of the stick, making the TX24 an ideal stick for drag flicking.

The AdiBow24 (LX24) mould has a 24mm low bow profile, although not as extreme as the TX24 but still a great still for drag flicking and skill execution.

The Xtreme24 (V24 & X24) is a more classic centre shaped profile with a 24mm bow ¾ of the way down the shaft, ideal for a regular playing style

The Xreme17 (X17) is a relatively flat profiled stick with just a 17mm bow, ideal for beginners or those who prefer to play in a more upright position.

The Centre 17 is a 17mm centre bow profile currently used for the Adidas junior models as this centred and relatively flat mould is ideal for beginners who are developing their skills.

The Composition

Another key factor to the play and feel of any hockey stick is the material composition or lay-ups used to make the stick. Similar too many other manufacturers Adidas uses three main ingredients in their sticks; Carbon, Aramide and Glass Fibre. These ingredients are then mixed together in different quantities to determine the composition, with each composition producing a stick with its own unique attributes.

Adidas has 7 different senior compositions for 2012, the first of which being the ‘CARBON’, which lists a 100% carbon content. This means it is the stiffest and the most powerful Adidas hockey stick. The Carbon composition also incorporates a Dual Spine for even more strength and the adiPRENE cuff and Touch Compound technologies for shock absorption and control. The Carbon composition for 2012 is available in all moulds so you can choose the profile that suits your playing style.

100% carbon can often be too rigid for many players so you might prefer a more forgiving feel. Adidas produce 6 other compositions simply named COMP1 – COMP5 that gradually reduce in their carbon concentration and offer a softer shaft.

COMP1 – 70% Carbon/ 5% Aramide/ 25% Glass Fibre

COMP2 – 50% Carbon/ 5% Aramide/ 45% Glass Fibre

COMP3 – 30%/ 5% Aramide/ 65% Glass Fibre

COMP4 - 20% Carbon/ 5% Aramide/ 75% Carbon Fibre

COMP5 – 15% Carbon/ 80% Glass Fibre/ 5% Other



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