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30 March 2012Asics 33 Collection - Natural Running - Recharge Every StepAuthor: Jane Parker

In keeping with the latest that science has to offer, the ASICS 33 Collection is inspired by the 33 joints in the foot, and answers the call for everyday running shoes that deliver comfort, cushioning, and flexibility in a lightweight package. What began as a niche reaction to 30 years of increasingly cushioned running shoes has gone mainstream and “Natural running”, whether in a minimal shoe or no shoes at all, is a growing trend.

However, as more and more runners are choosing to give up cushioning for a more natural running experience, it’s important to do it safely.

When it comes to feet, too little can be as harmful as too much. Each runner has different strengths and weaknesses in their foot, which means there’s no one level of stability, protection and flexibility that’s right for everyone. It’s important to find a shoe with the heel elevation, midsole, cushioning and stability that works for you.

While a lighter, more natural shoe can be an incredible way to strengthen the whole foot, it’s important to do it safely. Making a sudden transition from cushioned to minimal shoes can do more damage to a weak arch, muscles or ligaments than good. Alternating between your usual running shoe and a more minimal shoe can be a great way to get all-over strength back into the foot, while minimizing the risk of injury.Modern running surfaces are tough on the feet, so it’s important to protect them from shock. It’s about finding the right kind of protection – the type that protects the foot only when it needs protecting, giving it freedom and flexibility the rest of the time.

The new ASICS33 collection makes it easy to jump straight into natural running, while reducing the risk of injury. At the core of the shoe is the revolutionary Propulsion Trusstic™. It works with your plantar fascia to reduce the risk of arch strain, boost your stride and give you a more efficient run. Unlike other minimalist running shoes this range provides the foot with crucial support, giving every runner the opportunity to enjoy a natural run, regardless of their physical condition.


The market demand for lightweight, flexible running footwear continues to grow, with many available options that look good on a scale but fail to hold up to the real-world demands of high-mileage training. The GEL-Excel33 strikes a perfect balance between lightweight, flexible performance and the responsive durability to stand up to the rigorous demands of serious running.

The GEL-Excel33 gains its technical edge with new innovative midsole construction featuring the latest evolution of Propulsion Trusstic® technology. By mimicking the connective tissue in the bottom of the foot, the Propulsion Trusstic collects and releases tension to encourage a quick transition from midstance through propulsion phase. This springboard effect complements the smooth ride created by the new advanced two-layer midsole construction, which positions softer 48 degree SpEVA above a more stable 53 degree Solyte base. Sandwiched between these layers are slivers of ASICS’ renowned visible GEL Cushioning technology in both heel and forefoot for additional shock attenuation.

True to the 33 by ASICS Collection, the GEL-Excel33’s midsole also includes multiple deep forefoot flex grooves and a full-length Guidance Line. These features allow the tooling to decouple along the line of progression for enhanced gait efficiency throughout the entire gait cycle. This encourages the foot to safely bend and move naturally while absorbing impact mile after mile. It also helps reduce wasted energy therefore delaying fatigue, and provides stability, reducing stress and risk of injury.

No less attention was paid to the details of the upper, with technical no-sew upper construction employed throughout the quarter panel for exceptional fit and the potential for irritation reduced. ASICS Heel Clutching System™ integrates an external heel counter for improved heel fit with an additional reduction in weight, and Personal Heel Fit (P.H.F.) memory foam creates a secure personalized heel fit. With every technical detail considered for performance and weight, this perfectly cushioned high-mileage trainer comes in at an astonishing 9.9 ounces!

1. Run Energised with the revolutionary Propulsion Trusstic. It mimics your plantar fascia, springing you forward with every step.

2. Run Safer with GEL cushioning that protects and enhances your toe-off.

3. Run Comfortably with a dual density midsole that gives a close to the ground feel.

4. Run Efficiently with the Full Length Guidance Line that enhances your natural gait.



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