News Article: Be Stronger Run Stronger - MIZUNO Launch The Ultimate Training Aid

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24 September 2012Be Stronger Run Stronger - MIZUNO Launch The Ultimate Training AidAuthor: Sam Walker

MIZUNO have delved back into their Japanese heritage to find out how their Samurai warrior ancestors became, and are still globally renowned as the pinnacle of human athleticism, stealth and strength.

Alongside the well documented training and focussed ideologies of the Samurai, the findings did reveal a simple training aid hiding in plain sight that was first thought by historians as an ancient 'Waraji' sandal of the common people. After extensive biomechanical research MIZUNO finally had the evidence to prove that the design of the sandal elevated the speed and power of the Samurai by increase muscle strength in the lower leg and feet.

So how does it work? Fundamentally the midsole or the bed of the shoe is shorter than the foot, stopping at the balls of the foot just behind the toes. This elevates the toes slightly and allows them to move more freely than they would in traditional shoes or even barefoot. This toe freedom increases the contractions and strength of two major muscles in the foot (FDL, FHL) responsible for 'toe off' resulting in greater propulsion strength.

MIZUNO has taken this technology and produced the training shoe named 'be', not just an ideal training aid for runners but also suitable for all sports people. However, the Mizuno ‘be’ is not a road running shoe it has been designed to work during normal daily activities. So weather you are at home, the office or at the gym the Mizuno ‘be’ will be training your feet so that when you are out playing your sport or pounding the tarmac you will ‘Be Stronger, Run Stronger'



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