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20 December 2012Kookaburra Menace Batting Gloves - Is this the futureAuthor: Sam Walker

Brand new for the 2013 season Kookaburra have launched a revolutionary batting glove design in their Menace batting glove series. Kookaburra developed the glove to solve a fundamental flaw in the standard sausage and split pod batting glove design in which upon impact the fingers have the freedom and tendency to part. This jarring action combined with the shock of the impact can result in injury to the tendons and ligaments of the hand. These secondary injuries are often more detrimental to playing ability than that of the initial bruising to the fingers themselves, as I’m sure most of you who have been unfortunate enough to be struck on the hand would agree.

To Kookaburra the solution was simple, change the vertical protection to horizontal. Although it looks more akin to a blunt and simple boxing glove, the ‘Menace M:950’ is a complexly engineered batting glove that provides unparalleled protection. It contains Kookaburras triple layered High Density Foam and ‘Total Shock Dispersal’ brushed cotton lining. However, the design of the protection is what makes it also extremely flexible with ‘V’ shaped multidirectional flex pads along the fingers that are designed to flex at the joint of each finger allowing maximum flexion and grip.

Our team at Barrington Sports but the M:950 through its paces and quite frankly, we couldn’t knock it. It was simply the most comfortable, light weight, well fitted and flexible batting glove we have come across in its price bracket, contrary to its relatively bulky and cumbersome appearance. Performance was fantastic; it provided the reassurance of unparalleled protection and flexibility that allowed unrestricted grip and bat control. The only negative we noticed was the inability to raise your fingers to signal your guard to the umpire. The Menace gloves maybe unique but we see no reason why this design won’t soon become the norm form of cricket batting gloves.

Of the Menace batting glove range the M:950 sits at the top, with all the premier material incorporated and a perfect glove for the a high level player. The M:700 is a slight take down of the M:950 with an almost identical design but a slight reduction in the quality of materials used. It still provides ample protection, flexibility and comfort but at a more affordable price. Whereas the M:200 is the junior version of the glove and although a slightly modified design from the senior model it still offers fantastic protection and fit.

Is this the future of cricket batting gloves? Only you, the players will decide.

Get your hands in a pair and visit Barrington Sports, where you can try them out in our in-store strike zone.




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