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14 June 2012Protect your eyes with OakleyAuthor: Jane Parker


High Definition Optics® (HDO®) is the bedrock of Oakley’s superior clarity and reliability. Oakley’s HDO makes distortion disappear. No more seeing things that really aren’t there. No more blurry objects in the distance. With HDO, you’ll find rocks, flagsticks, and potholes where they are supposed to be - where they truly are. In fact, not only does HDO meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) clarity testing requirements, it exceeds them. After each phase of manufacturing, each lens undergoes a 100% quality inspection. These steps are elemental in Oakley’s XYZ optics, which ensure quality at every angle of view.

• HDO lets you see clearer, sharper and without the magnification of ordinary lenses that act like prescription optics

• You see everything exactly where it is, not shifted like the view from inferior lenses

• You get the unrivalled impact protection and 100% UV filtering of the purest lens material on earth

UV PROTECTION - You Can Be Blinded by What You Can’t See.

An invisible form of radiation, UV rays pelt your retinas at 186,000 miles per second damaging your eyes and can lead to cataract, photokeratitis and pterygium.

UV damage builds up over time. You generally don’t feel UV rays, so there is no natural warning that damage is being done. Although clouds reduce the level of UV reaching your eyes, clouds don’t block UV completely, which means that your eyes can be exposed to UV rays even on overcast days.

There are three kinds of ultraviolet light - UVA, UVB and UVC. Most eyewear lenses block some UV so they can claim “UV protection” but Oakley’s Plutonite® lens material filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB and UVC. The protection is built into the lens material so it can’t scratch off and leave your dilated pupils exposed to a UV leak.

OAKLEY POLARIZED – Stare down Glare

Some of the harshest light our eyes see on a daily basis is that which bounces off the surfaces of cars, buildings, snow, water and other environments. Therefore, in order to create a true optical force field around your eyes, Polarized lenses are engineered so when that light hits your Oakley lenses, it does so at as close to a perpendicular, 90-degree angle as possible. The result is an outlook on the world unencumbered by the nuisance of glare and the dangers it portends.

Glare Protection- Think of it as Sunscreen for Your Eyes.

You can’t see ultraviolet light, but like MSG and The Force, you know it’s there. Every time you lather up in SPF-whatever sunscreen, lather your lips in lip balm, or throw on a hat before going out, you do so because you’re trying to protect yourself from the piercing sunlight that burns your skin and, if ignored, can cause cancer. Sliding on a pair of Oakley HD Polarized sunglasses should be an integral part of any sun protection routine. And for good reason.

Oakley HD Polarized sunglasses block 100% of all ultraviolet light - UVA, UVB, UVC. . .all of it. Because building an optical force field means protecting you from everything but the safest, clearest, most glare free light.

CLARITY - Reduced eye strain

Many sunglass-makers believe the best way to block the sun from your eyes is with a lens that has a lot of layers. Take a plain lens, glue on a filter, then another, then another. It’s hard to see through glue! Each additional layer further diminishes the clarity of the lens, and distorts your view of the world.

Oakley does it differently. By using Infusion Moulding to make their lenses, Oakley HDPolarized lenses are one comprehensive, single-layered lens, lean and powerful enough to block glare without compromising clarity. No glue, no sandwiching, no mustard or mayo. Just the clearest Polarized lens you can find.



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