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30 August 2013The Award Winning Saucony Kinvara 4 - Feel it to believe itAuthor: Peter Board

New this year to Barrington Sports is the brand Saucony, famed for its innovation in running shoe technology. Founded in 1898 on the banks of the Saucony Creek in Klutztown, Pennsylvania, Saucony was held in high regard within small circles of serious runners. In 1977 awareness increased dramatically when the shoes received an award for “Best Quality” and the subsequent publicity cemented the Saucony brand and its reputation for top quality performance running shoes. Coined by Native American inhabitants “Saucony” means endlessly flowing water. This is symbolized by their logo which represents the twisting Saucony creek and its three distinct boulders.



The Kinvara 4

Awarded the “Best Update” by Runners World June 2013, The Kinvara 4 is a perfect synthesis of celebrated design elements from previous versions. Weighing just 7.9 oz the Kinvara 4 is a lightweight and comfortable, natural running shoe that will delight both Saucony loyalists and those new to the brand alike.

To begin with the Kinvara 4’s meticulously designed “Internal Booty” upper provides a sock-like fit that supports your foot and keeps it in place through its transition process. Thanks to the HydraMax collar’s superior sweat-wicking abilities your foot is kept dry and comfortable throughout your run.





The Kinvara 4 achieves further weight loss with the completely reengineered FlexFilm which is welded onto the upper to create a lightweight supportive fit with reduced layers and superior stability.


The upgrade that best defines the Kinvara 4’s purpose comes in the modification from ProGrid to PowerGrid in the heel landing zone. This gives the trainer even smoother transitions and an improved overall ride. Furthermore, PowerGrid is a lighter yet more durable compound than ProGrid meaning that not only is the shoe more comfortable but it is even lighter. This gives the runner the feel of a lightweight natural shoe with the heightened confidence instilled through the superior PowerGrid cushioning. Added to the sole is XT-900 Premium carbon rubber outsole material which offers exceptional traction and durability to combat wear and tear associated with high mileage. The forefoot tri-lug design increases traction on varying terrain whilst simultaneously acting like a piston to help improve responsiveness and propulsion in the toeing off phase.

The offset effect - The Kinvara is offset at just 4mm, this means that the heal is elevated 4mm above that of the forefoot, as appose to the more traditional 10mm offset found in most other running shoes. This reduced offset allows runners to achieve a greater functional range of motion of their plantar flexor muscle-tendon system in the back of the calf. This is a key component in an efficient powerful running stride. It absorbs, stores and returns energy to the runner with every step.

Better balance – A lowered offset provides a more comfortable feel with greater control throughout the gait cycle.

Easier transition – Midfoot strikers benefit from a lower impact load on the body keeping them running longer.

More powerful stride – With a lower offset and greater range of movement, the runner has a more powerful toe –off.








With a striking upper finished with flashes of Lime in the Men’s shoe and flickers of Pink in the Women’s shoe, the Kinvara 4 is an outstanding shoe giving the runner a feather light natural running feel. This is a must try shoe for those runners infuriated by trainers that are adequately cushioned but too heavy or are light enough but lacking sufficient cushioning which may lead to injury.

You have to feel it to believe it.



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