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07 October 2009Baselayers Buyers GuideAuthor: Nils Muchardt

Baselayers Buyers guideChoosing the correct baselayer can be a tricky task! There are lots of choices, Compression, Hot, Cold, Dry, Warm, Recovery. . . . .the list goes on!

Here's some info that will help you choose:



SKINS, Puma, UA Recharge, CCC Compression, Adidas Techfit

Compression garments can be worn during exercise to reduce injury and enhance performance, and also after exercise to aid recovery.

Compression garments help to prevent injury by wrapping and supporting the key muscle groups. This reduces muscle vibration which results in reduced soft tissue damage.

Compression of the muscles also helps to increase blood flow both to and from the muscles which increases oxygen availability to the muscles and reduces lactic acid build up in the muscles. This means that you experience reduced fatigue, reduced muscle soreness and allows you to recover more quickly!

Core stability

Asics Inner Muscle, Adidas Powerweb

These garments are designed to aid core stability and performance by supporting and aiding key muscle groups.

Asics Inner Muscle garments focus on the body’s inner muscles and core stability functions. The body’s inner muscles have the crucial role of stabilising the joints between the upper and lower body. The tops also improve posture and in doing so increase breathing volume and oxygen uptake.

Adidas PowerWeb is designed to focus your muscle’s energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and endurance. Powerweb is a series of TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) bands which are pressed onto the base layer of TechFit apparel. The bands work in unison with the muscles and function like springs.


Keeping warm & dry

UA ColdGear, CCC Cold, HH Warm, HHOne, Skins Thermal

These are garments designed to keep you warm when the temperature drops. The garments are designed to be worn very close to the skin otherwise they won't work. They need to be tight, but not restrictive – if you can’t breathe then it’s too tight!!!

Coldgear garments will in some cases offer some degree of compression, but this is not their purpose in life. The major exception to this is the new SKINS thermal.

Coldgear garments have a brushed inner surface which acts as a thermal barrier, trapping warm air next to the skin.

The inner lining also works as a moisture transport system, wicking sweat away from your body. This not only keeps you dry and warm, but also helps prevent odour!

Keeping cool & Dry

UA Heatgear, CCC Hot, HHCool, SKINS Ice, Adidas Climacool, HHDry,

It seems a strange thing to tell someone to add a layer to keep them cooler! But, that is exactly what these garments are designed to do!

The main function of heat garments is to wick the sweat away from your body which keeps you cool. The garments make use of different properties of the fabric on the inside and outside of the garment to create a mechanical pull of the moisture away from your skin and into the air which causes cooling through evapration. The SKINS ice range uses a polymer impregnated into the fabric which makes the skin feel cooler. Other garments have strategically located panels, such as the HHCool “Coolgrid”, which allow the heat to escape from the body more effectively.


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