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18 November 2010Under Armour Baselayer TechnologyAuthor: Jill Williams

‘THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING BETTER’. Under Armour revolutionized the athletes’ base layer, giving them unprecedented advantages both on and off the field.



Whether it’s training or gameday, your UA Compression base layer makes you better. UA Compression unleashes the power of your muscles and keeps you stronger for longer.

Stay stronger for longer

Increased power and stamina. Reduces muscle vibration to lessen fatigue and maintain power output. Keeps muscles aligned correctly to increase repetitive muscle power.

Know your body’s place in space

Enhances proprioception — the body’s recognition of muscle patterns and spatial awareness — to increase muscle efficiency.

Faster recovery

Creates a healing environment around muscles and circulatory system which gets your muscles back to full strength faster. Post-workout this reduces swelling, decreases soreness time and promotes muscle repair.

Stay cool, dry, and light

Wicks moisture to keep you 53% lighter than cotton after 60 minutes of athletic performance which provides superior comfort. Moisture wicking also speeds evaporation to regulate your core temperature.


‘Cotton is the enemy’! Cotton is a natural material, which thrives on water, holds onto moisture and weighs you down. All UA products use a combination of Polyester, Nylon and Elastane. 


Heatgear for when it’s hot or for indoor sports/gym use - keeping athletes cool, dry and light.

The original second skin layer, sparked the revolution of performance apparel and made the cotton t-shirt obsolete. HEATGEAR actively keeps you cool through the fabric construction. Polyester/Elastane mix is engineered to allow breath-ability, 4 way stretch and moisture wicking properties.

The polyester wicks the moisture from the skin, then distributes the moisture throughout the garment next to the skins surface so the moisture is spread over a larger surface area. This accelerates the evaporation process which causes a cooling effect on the skins surface called EVAPORATIVE COOLING.

UPF Sun Rating of 30+ Protects you from 97% of the sun’s harmful rays and Antimicrobial treatment built into the product during the fabric construction to allow long lasting odor resistance. 


Coldgear for when it’s cold. Wicks moisture from the skin and circulates body heat, keeping athletes warm without weighing them down.


Ideal for use in temperatures below 13 degrees, ColdGear Actively keeps you warm through the fabric construction. A Polyester/Nylon/Elastane balance provides moisture transport. The brushed/texture inner polyester fabric forces sweat away from the skin to the outer NYLON surface of the garment. The Nylon forces the sweat onto outside of the garment where it evaporates quickly and AWAY from the skin and therefore doesn’t create a cooling effect and leaves the inside of the garment dry.

The textured polyester interior also circulates the warm air keeping your body temperature regulated and the nylon smooth exterior also offers WINDPROOF protection.

The UPF Sun Rating of 30+ Protects you from 97% of the sun’s harmful rays and an antimicrobial treatment built into the product during construction to allow long lasting odour resistance.

Most ColdGear products are compression garments, however if you don’t like to be “squeezed” there are also a range of FITTED garments. These still offer the same thermal properties as any compression ColdGear garment, but are a close to the skin fit without the compression.


Under Armour products fall into 3 levels which relate to the quality of fabrication and fit of the garment . . . . and of course means different prices!

Level One – CORE

This is where the performance revolution began. These are the core microfibre fabrications that are Under Armour’s foundation and they remain the gold standard in the industry that UA pioneered. UA CORE products feature UA’s 5 Pillars of Performance which are; Antimicrobial odour resistance, noise reduction, moisture management, 4-way stretch, UPF Sun Protection of Factor 30+.

Level Two – “FUSION” & “TEAM”

The second level products are “named” products, which change with the seasons and include “Blitz”, “Strive”, “Team” and “Fusion”. These garments still have the 5 Pillars of Performance, but also have Raglan sleeve stitching which allows more freedom of movement and Flat lock stitching to give a chafe free finish. FUSION products also have a more complex fabrication which combines 2 different coldgear fabrics to keep you warm without overheating you.

Level Three - METAL

METAL is Under Armour’s tip-of-spear technology. A multi-fibre fabrication creates a push-pull system within the garment to deliver accelerated moisture transport and unsurpassed ventilation. These garments have all of the features of CORE and FUSION, but also have Strategic ventilation to help regulate body temperature.

Coldgear METAL garments have diamond faced exterior to distribute sweat more efficiently, and are brushed 4 times inside to give a fleece effect which helps circulate warm air and wick moisture more efficiently.

Heatgear METAL garments use POLYPROPALENE material on the inside which is the most hydrophobic material used in UA apparel creating even better moisture transport from a LIGHTER weight garment.



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