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13 July 2009Canterbury BaseLayers - Whats it all aboutAuthor: Neil Brown

CCC BaseLayer is the first stop for all performance garments for every sportsman or woman whatever their sporting occasion.

All CCC BaseLayer products feature Canterbury's Moisture Transport System which wicks sweat away from your body in to the air. You wont be carrying around excess moisture - which can lose you priceless fractions of a second on the field, court or at the gym.

Also, by reguating your temperature CCC BaseLayer conserves vital energy that would otherwise be utilised to maintain a constant body temperature. This leaves you ready to compete at your optimum level.

The CCC BaseLayer fabric also includes anti bacterial agents to keep your gear smelling fresh.


“Wear when its cold to keep you warm”

Keeps you warm and up to speed no matter how cold it gets

All cold garments wick moisture from the skin, have a quick drying time and are designed to be worn close to the skin. Long and short sleeve options available.


“Wear when its hot to keep you cool”

Keeps you cool in even the hottest conditions

All hot garments wick moisture from the skin, have a quick drying time and are designed to be worn close to the skin.

Keeping you cool and offering UV protection.


Canterbury BaseLayer Compression is performance underwear that improves your body's capability to train, compete & recover.

Canterbury graded BaseLayer Compression is designed to reduce the build up of lactic acid in the muscles and reduce the time it takes for the muscles to recover from exertion.

Canterbury BaseLayer Compression helps prevent muscle oscillation leading to muscle fatigue; minimises muscle soreness and helps the muscles to recover faster than normal.

Canterbury BaseLayer Compression adds blood circulation which improves heart efficiency, particularly beneficial during periods of inactivity.

Canterbury BaseLayer Compression improves propioception (body awareness), enhancing skill and coordination.


CCC BaseLayer IonX is revolutionary in apparel technology as it delivers ionic energy to the body through a negatively charged electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic fields saturated with negative ions have been used for decades by international militaries, international space programs and by Olympic athletes to increase alertness, attentiveness and give an overall sense of well-being.

CCC BaseLayer IonX improves performance. Ionisation improves the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to bring more energy to the muscles, which increases your average power output, improving speed and strength.

CCC BaseLayer IonX accelerates recovery. The improvement in blood flow efficiently flushes out residual waste products such as lactic acid, which is left in the muscles after high intensity activity. Recovery is accelerated; therefore training or competition can begin again sooner.



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