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15 March 2012First Out of the Blocks with Salix 2012 Bat WillowAuthor: Tom Dolby

Andrew Kember’s distinctive 2012 Salix bat range is now on offer at Barrington Sports. The Senior and Harrow bats currently in stock can arguably lay claim to the title of Best Salix Willow in the land this season, as Barrington Sports was the first retailer to visit the Salix workshop at Christmas to hand pick every bat from Players Grade through to Grade 1 and Performance levels. The process included a full day of testing the pick-up and middle of each of the bat from the Pod, Praestantia, Strike and Falx, ensuring that Barrington Sports grabbed the very best from an already excellent bunch of bats.

2012 Salix bats are all about performance, all bowed following the shape of the driving area and all benefitting from contoured turned sanding. They represent the very top end of labour intensive, performance laden, exquisitely finished bats available on the market today. Their shapes develop every season, and this year they have blended key features from their much earlier Gem and Venom bats with new pressing techniques to create very modern profiles.

Developments in pressing have produced a slightly sharper face and amplified edges, but with deep concentrated performance through the bat’s core. The signature deep bow and concave sanding of Salix bats, which remain such a prevailing trend, are balanced by skilled weight distribution to preserve core torsional stability.

Although the streamlined new Strike lends itself perfectly to the shorter game, each and every model spans both formats to give power and speed to any player at every level. This year, all Players and Grade Ones are natural finish, all Performance and Select grades are workshop prepared.



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