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19 November 2010Adidas Footwear TechnologiesAuthor: Gill Blythe

Using the latest research, material advances and athletic input, adidas Innovation Team spends months and even years developing, testing and refining footwear technologies until they are perfectly suited for their intended purpose and in an effort to be the most innovative sports brand in the world.


adiPRENE is a highly shock absorbent material that cushions and protects the heel at impact. During the running motion the foot experiences up to 2-3 times the body’s weight in forces every footstrike. From a biomechanical standpoint running is a repetitive motion consisting of 400-600 foot strikes per kilometre, on average. One of the body’s best methods of protecting itself from repetitive impact forces is ‘pronation’, the inward rotation of the foot. It is clear that this pronation movement is critical in reducing impact shock by lengthening shock absorption time. adiPRENE supports the body’s natural cushion mechanism.

adiPRENE +

adiPRENE + is a resilient cushioning material with excellent flexibility used in the forefoot of adidas sport shoes to provide a responsive dynamic push-off. The push-off phase or heel lift is when the heel raises and takes off from the running surface and just the forefoot has ground contact. It ends with the toe-off and the foot is ready to go into the next swing phase.



An extremely durable, non-marking rubber used primarily for tennis shoe outsoles and for other high-abrasion applications which offers the optimal balance of excellent abrasion resistance, traction and flexibility.

In linear sports adiWEAR® is used to reduce wear in the heel landing area and the toe-off area. In court sports it offers durability while still allowing pivoting or sliding movements.



ClimaCool® footwear scavenges the slow-moving air surrounding a shoe during exercise, and conducts it through aerodynamically optimised air channels to cool the foot. adidas tested the movement of air around a runner’s shoe and positioned ventilation ducts in locations scientifically proven to maximise air velocity to the foot.

Along with these ducts, every ClimaCool® shoe is built with a fully ventilated mesh upper and breathable sock liner to ensure maximum airflow penetrating the shoe and cooling the foot from every side. This 360-degree ventilation system transports heat and sweat away from the foot and out of the shoe as you exercise, providing a significant increase in cooling over a conventional running shoe which, in testing, comes surprisingly close to wearing no shoes at all. And with the introduction of the latest generations of ClimaCool®, you can expect an even greater level of cooling ventilation.


ClimaProof is a lightweight, breathable membrane that surrounds your foot, keeping wind, rain and snow out while allowing heat and sweat to escape through evaporation. ClimaProof® keeps your feet warm, dry and comfortable.

Mud, snow, ice or rain have no control over your training routine thanks to the protective powers of ClimaProof® footwear.



Anatomically molded padding that follows the form of the foot, evenly distributing pressure for an improved fit, increased comfort and an enhanced sense of security and stability. geoFIT™ offers a wide variety of benefits to an athlete including enhanced comfort, better heel fit and better pressure distribution around the entire rearfoot and midfoot section.




pro-moderator™ is a really lightweight protective support on certain running shoe’s inner midsole that prevents you rolling too much to the inside with your feet upon landing. In doing so, the risk of getting running-related injury patterns is reduced. If you are looking for a stable yet lightweight running shoe one with pro-moderator™ will work very well for you!





The TORSION® System stabilizes your midfoot in all sport-specific movements and enhances control, support and fit. It acts like an arch support under the midfoot and allows you to best adapt to the surface you are running or playing on. It allows your foot to move more natural when making ground contact no matter if you are a runner or playing sports such as Tennis or indoor sports.



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