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19 November 2010Finding the Right Running ShoesAuthor: Jake Simpson

Finding the correct running shoes is a very important process. Here is a short guide to help you determine the correct shoe for you and help you find it on our site! You can also get more information on finding the right shoe in our buying guides on “UNDERSTANDING PRONATION” and “KNOW YOUR ARCHES”.

Running Shoe categories

Cushioned / Neutral shoes

Recommended for runners who need maximum midsole cushioning and minimum medial (arch) support. Also best for lighter runners or those who are biomechanically efficient (minimum pronation), and for midfoot or forefoot strikers with high or normal arches.



Stability/ Support shoes

Recommended for runners who generally have good biomechanics and are mild to moderate overpronators. These runners tend to have normal to low arches and benefit from shoes with a combination of good support and midsole cushioning. They are also recommended for beginners or those who need extra support because they’re increasing their mileage.



Maximum Support / Motion control shoes

Recommended for moderate to severe overpronators who need maximum rearfoot control and extra support on the medial (arch) side of their shoes. These runners tend to be flat-footed or strike hard on their heels. Also best-suited to bigger runners who need plenty of support and durability.



Trail/ Off-road shoes

As the name suggests, these are designed for running off the beaten track. They might be designed as a road shoe with a harder-wearing upper and extra grip on the outsole, or they could be a shoe designed specifically for off-road use. The latter are usually simple, technology-light but with tons of traction. Many Trail shoes also now have Gore-Tex coatings on the upper for extra protection from the elements!


Lightweight/ Performance shoes

Recommended either for racing or, if you’re biomechanically efficient, for training. They have varying degrees of support and cushioning but they’re generally lighter (most weigh around 250-300g) and fit like a glove.



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