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09 July 2009SKINS ICEAuthor: Jane Parker

Skins ICE is the newest addition to the Skins family. With the unique Heat Defeating Technology Skins™ ICE actually cools you while you wear it, making it an essential part of your training kit for summer.

How Skins™ ICE work?

There’s a fair bit of science and technology in Skins ICE. Skins BioAcceleration Technology improves your circulation which optimises your body's natural mechanism for temperature regulation, keeping you cooler when it's warm. Skins have taken their proven BioAcceleration Technology™ and teamed it with something entirely new: MicroEncapsulation Technology (MET)... so what's this all about?

Skins™ ICE uses MET to embed tiny microcapsules into our proprietary fabric during the manufacturing process. The effects of activity like perspiration, friction, pressure and body temperature trigger these microcapsules to release a cooling menthol substance that has been scientifically proven to induce a cool feeling by stimulating thermo receptors in your skin. A subtle menthol aroma is also released during activity which further evokes a cool sensation.

Your skin and muscles will not be physically cooled while wearing Skins™ ICE as this would be detrimental, especially during exercise.

Skins™ ICE does all of this, and incorporates all the features and benefits of the Skins™ sport range so training and competing during the hot summer months has never been easier or more comfortable.




Features & Benefits

Skins™ ICE incorporates all the following features and benefits so now there’s no excuse for you not to train or compete at your best in the heat:


Skins™ gradient compression accelerates blood flow and oxygen delivery to working muscles. Circulation improvements help eliminate lactic acid and other metabolic wastes, allowing you to work at a higher rate for longer.

Heat Defeating

A menthol microencapsulated cooling substance induces the sensation of ‘cold’ by stimulating thermo receptors within your skin. So you’ll feel cooler, without the detrimental effect of your muscles actually cooling down.


With heat comes sun, which is why Skins™ gives you UPF50+ protection for the life of the garment.

Skin»muscle +

Anatomically positioned seams work as anchor points along muscle groups to focus power and dramatically reduce vibration.


A precision fit based on a body mass index (BMI) / anthropometrical algorithm to ensure the correct level of surface pressure for your body shape.


Moisture management wicking draws moisture away from your skin to the outer surface of the fabric where it evaporates, keeping you dry and comfortable.


Improved circulation optimizes your body’s natural mechanism for temperature regulation, helping you to manage the effects of training and competing in the heat.


Permanent antibacterial and antimicrobial features, inherent in Skins™ proprietary fabric, discourage growth of bacteria and help prevent odour.


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