TrionZ Magnetic Ionic Therapy Bracelet Ireland

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TrionZ Magnetic Ionic Therapy Bracelet Ireland


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Full Description

Trion:Zs original dual therapy wristband. It combines Trion:Zs patented Ionic AND Magnetic therapy into one unique and stylish wristband. With TWO identical loops of Negative Ion releasing Mineon Health Fibre and twin patented ANSPO orientate therapeutic magnets, it the most powerful and unique performance wristband on the market. Trion:Z bracelets and necklaces use minus-ions to counteract the Positive Ions we encounter in our daily lives. The human body absorbs positive ions from, UV Rays, electronic equipment, mobile phones, wi-fi zones and computers. Research shows that Positive Ions are associated with lack of concentration, muscle and joint pain, headaches and nausea.

- Dual Loops of Mineon Health Fibre Negative-Ion producing material:
- 50- 100 stronger than any other product on the market
- 2 x 1,000 Gauss Magnets with patented ANSPO technology

Trion:Z Colantotte is a health and lifestyle brand which produces magnetic and ionic therapy Wristbands, Necklaces and Body Supports. Using age old magnetic therapy and ionic technology, Trion:Z is the ONLY sports wristband to have a Class 1 Medical recognition and a CE mark.

Powerful Magnetic Ionic Technology
Proven to release negative ions at rates of 600-800 ions per second, each Trion:Z product utilizes its unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO) system, which is comprised of twin 1,000 gauss magnets to maximize magnetic field flow.

Ancient Therapies with Style and Innovation!
Like all great discoveries the history of magnets is an ancient phenomenon embraced by generations of individuals worldwide. At the core of Trion:Z is a dedication to linking the scientific properties of magnets and negative ions with innovative style and design.

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